The Real Band believes that a structural connection between music education and the creative industry is essential for the optimal development of the most talented artists. The A&R-network connects over 20 music schools (both highschool and vocational education) and music companies, working together on the scouting and development of toptalents in music. Furthermore they join forces to work on the improvement of music education.

  • Music schools are provided with extra coaching for their most talented students and are supported in the development of curricula and staff-mobility;
  • For music companies, The Real Band offers an innovative, sustainable and cheap alternative for Artist & Repertoire;
  • The most talented music students receive tailor-made coaching-programmes fitted to their specific needs, making it possible to get a diploma and kick-start their careers at the same time.


Scouting: finding the most talented artists on music schools
Fast-lane coaching: the development of toptalents
R&D: research and development of (educational)products
Pitches: the implementation of industry-projects in music schools
Knowledge update: trainings to keep teaching staff up-to-date
Didactics for Dummies: preparing music professionals to be a teacher
A-MACK: tool for the improvement of assessments and curricula